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Chi's Sweet Home is written and illustrated by Konami Kanata, and it has been serialized in Weekly Morning, a Kodansha's manga magazine, since 2004; I found very funny that "Weekly Morning" is a manga magazine for "seinen", that is for men about 18-30 years old.
The story is pulished in b/n on magazine, and colouring in volumes's version.
Chi's Sweet Home was published from 22th november 2004 and ended with the twelfth volume on June 2015.


Konami Kanata

There are few notice about Kanata-sensei.
She has written, besides Chi's Sweet Home, also another manga about a cat, My Sweet Fuku Fuku, the story about the everyday life of a domestic cat, owned by an old lady who runs a local provision shop.


Japanese Manga

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Manga in other languages

Chi's Sweet Home is published in English by Vertical Inc., in French by Glénat Editions SA and in Italy by Panini Comics.

You can buy it from editor's site or from Amazon!



Here the scanlation's group that translate this lovely story, but remember: if Chi's Sweet Home will be in print in your country, buy the manga and remove your scanlations!

Doki doki (volumes 1, 2)
Obsession and Yukkuri Scans (only on their irc channel (volume 3)
Harudaki (volume 3 and 4 on going)


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