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Chi's Sweet Home became an anime last spring; I put some informations about it and links where you can watch raw episodes or download fansub episode.


Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara
Series Composition:
Tomoko Konparu
Original Character Design: Morio Asaka
Character Design: Akemi Kobayashi
Producer: Junji Aoji, Kenichi Komori and Takashi Murayama
Music producer: Kozue Okada
Music producer
: Kozue Okada
Planning: Kouhei Furukawa and Masao Maruyama
Planning Support
: Kaori Kitamoto
Sound director: Fusanobu Fujiyama
Theme Song Arrangement
: Masumi Itou (Opening's song)
Theme Song Composition: Masumi Itou (Opening's song)
Theme Song Lyrics: Aki Hata (Opening's song)
Theme Song Performance: Satomi Koorogi (Opening's song)
Official site: TV Tokyo

Anime Song:

"Ouchi ga ichiban" by Satomi Koorogi



Satomi Koorogi as Chi
Etsuko Kozakura as Youhei
Hidenobu Kiuchi as Dad
Noriko Hidaka as Mum

(You can find these information on Anime News Network)


Episode list:

Each episode during about 3 minutes, and the anime was on air every week, Monday to Thursday.

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anime fansub

Chi's Sweet Home (season 1) is subbed by Yoroshiku fansubs (english).
Chi's New Address (season 2) is subbed by Crunchyroll  (english).


If Chi's Sweet Home will be release in your country, buy the DVD and remove your fansubs!



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