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I’m Michiru, proud owner of the Chi’s Sweet Home anime&manga fanlisting, approved by TAFL; if you like the story of this little cat, you’re in the right place! If you’re a fan, feel free to join the list and have fun with the Extras page ^__-!


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Chi’s Sweet Home is a manga by Konami Kanata, about the adventures of a kitten.
Chi is a little cat which, during a walk with his mama and siblings, got lost; after a long search, she falls in a public garden, tired and sad: a few minutes after, a little kid, Youhei, falls in front of her. When Chi wakes ups, she is in a soft box in Youhei’s house: from this moment, she began a family kitty, and, step by step, she learns many things and will be a family member.

This manga is published only in Japan (the fifth volume wa released by the end of April), but is very appreciated by fans: for this reason, at 03.31.08, an animated version was released and was aired on TV in small daily episodes, each one is three minutes long. Thanks to TV apparitions, Chi’s Sweet Home is now known by more people, and we can begin to hope that an English-speaking manga publishing house can buy the rights of the manga.
The anime ended last month (09.25.08) with the 104th episode.

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